Depression Disorder

Run to the suburban away from depression!

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City life can be tough and lonely and even promote depression such as psychotic depression. It was studied that isolation and fragments common in urban life contributed to rates of psychotic depression. The neighbourhoods have many migrations and single parent households, hence risking more cases of psychotic depression than rural areas.

Thankfully, fostering community relationships programs are being promoted to extend social networks. While programs are continuing to improve, a supportive environment is believed to be helpful in reducing psychotic depression cases.

Psychotic Depression – How serious can it be?

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The media previously reported that women kill their newborn babies for fear of abandonment. People may see this case as ridiculous and absurd. It may not actually be mental dysfunction but
psychotic depression.

People thought women kill their babies because they are young, poor or single. Actually, studies made on neonaticide are very little. After analyzing 17 such cases, they found that the average
age of the women was 26. None had mental illness nor reported abuse when young. Some had at least 3 children already and never use birth control. Most of them live with their husband and employed. All of them kept their pregnancies in secret, and half of them were depressed and scared of being abandoned by their husband. It is probably because of loneliness and psychotic depression
that they did not have complete control over their lives or their sexuality. Neonaticide also happens when unwanted pregnancy can lead to a family scandal or losing a stable lifestyle. It may due to low
maternal confidence and emotional immaturity, a research by British Medical Association.

Such case of psychotic depression seems rare, but actually occurs more often than you would think, according to researchers.

Prevention of major depression

You may risk having another once you had experienced major depression before. The solution is that you have to be aware of the causes of major depression and know importantly what are the signs of major depression and also consult your doctor early for help. Tweet

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Help Solve Major Depression!

Though major depression is serious, this illness is treatable. The doctor will likely provide you a prescription antidepressant drug. You may be suggested to have a specialized talk therapy called psychotherapy. You should consult your doctor about finding a suitable treatment to your lifestyle. You may have to try out different drugs of different amount […]

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Causes of Major Depression

A few common causes are grief of loved one (death or divorce), looks or disabilities that lead to social isolation, major life changes (graduation, moving, job change, retirement), conflicts in relationships with your opposite partner or your superior and abuse (physical, emotional or sexual). Major depression does not always occur in people with family in […]

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Women are more likely to have major depression?

There are close to double number of major depression cases in women than men and it appears that changes in hormonal level among women during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can increase the risk of major depression. Additionally, other factors such as increased responsibilities at home (children, aging parents) and work (career, commitment) may risk […]

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Know about Major Depression

Major Depression (Clinical depression) is a condition where people keep feeling a strong sense of sadness, helplessness and despair. A few signs of major depression are difficulty to work, study, eat, sleep, and enjoying with friends. It may not only occur once and some may have several times in their life. Other symptoms of major […]

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Relief your Seasonal Affective disorder with bright lights!

Bright light therapy(BLT) is one of the treatments for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition commonly during winter. Light is found to deal with depression by reducing the effects. Can BLT deal with depression of other types other than SAD? A team of scientists in Amsterdam psychiatric institution conducted a study looking at elderly population, […]

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Are you feeling depressive with kids?

Within the first year of birth, parents endure the continuous cryings and the pain of awakenings through the night; it is not strange for parents to feel stress and depressive. During birth period, it is said that women are likely to become depressive or being admitted to hospital because of that. Studies found depression rate […]

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What is SAD and how to deal with depression?

Every winter season, night times are usually longer. With the cold and darkness, people may get seasonal depression. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition, which includes oversleeping, anxiousness, antisocial and weight-gaining. It is common during late fall or early winter, more often in women and people with family history of depression. Ways to deal […]

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