Psychotic Depression

Run to the suburban away from depression!

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City life can be tough and lonely and even promote depression such as psychotic depression. It was studied that isolation and fragments common in urban life contributed to rates of psychotic depression. The neighbourhoods have many migrations and single parent households, hence risking more cases of psychotic depression than rural areas.

Thankfully, fostering community relationships programs are being promoted to extend social networks. While programs are continuing to improve, a supportive environment is believed to be helpful in reducing psychotic depression cases.

Psychotic Depression – How serious can it be?

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The media previously reported that women kill their newborn babies for fear of abandonment. People may see this case as ridiculous and absurd. It may not actually be mental dysfunction but
psychotic depression.

People thought women kill their babies because they are young, poor or single. Actually, studies made on neonaticide are very little. After analyzing 17 such cases, they found that the average
age of the women was 26. None had mental illness nor reported abuse when young. Some had at least 3 children already and never use birth control. Most of them live with their husband and employed. All of them kept their pregnancies in secret, and half of them were depressed and scared of being abandoned by their husband. It is probably because of loneliness and psychotic depression
that they did not have complete control over their lives or their sexuality. Neonaticide also happens when unwanted pregnancy can lead to a family scandal or losing a stable lifestyle. It may due to low
maternal confidence and emotional immaturity, a research by British Medical Association.

Such case of psychotic depression seems rare, but actually occurs more often than you would think, according to researchers.