Extracting the Joy within you

by The Anti Depression Team on

Need some help for depression? Fret not! Other than medication, here are some other help for depression. We offer you tips on how to be happy!


Disappointments tend to be greater with higher hopes, thus the best bet would be to keep your goals realistic. Being able to realise your goals bring about a sense of satisfaction. This certainly boosts self-confidence and could be a help for depression.

The above is supported by the fact that Denmark topped the list for satisfaction for more than three decades, and ultimately coming in first on the first world map of happiness.

Human beings have the ability to visualise our future in our minds. Research have shown that this will stimulate the brain as it makes people feel that what they are imagining can become a reality. A boost to one’s self-confidence may essentially be an effective help for depression.

So, quit the bad procrastinating habit of yours and start optimising your own time. This is linked to the aforementioned help for depression. Put some time aside to plan your future and by working hard towards it, you may find this a help for depression. What’s more, it is totally free!


Keeping a diary and jotting down your concerns are a good way to sort our your thoughts. This is also a kind of help for depression since you can classify your problems into what can be solved and what are out of your control. Writing exercises are seen as a potential help for depression.
Worrying excessively is certainly not a help for depression.

Entering a marriage happily may be a form of help for depression too. A happy spouse is likely to spread their happiness to the other party, hence depression patients tend to benefit more (psychologically) than normal people. This indeed serves as a help for depression. In addition, spouses who are committed to their relationship are likely to be happier too.

Smiling more also has a ripple effect – people around you are likely to smile and be happier as well. Having positive emotions are definitely good help for depression.


Living things need air to survive, so start learning the essence of breathing. We are bestowed with the ability to control breathing. For instance, we stop breathing for a moment under stressful situations. Similar, by performing diaphragmatic breathing, it stimulates the nervous system and calms us down.

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