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Postpartum Depression, a condition which used to be deemed exclusive to new mothers, are now striking new fathers too.

New parents may experience changes in their emotions such as feelings of emptiness, sadness and anxiety. In addition, pressure, weariness, sleep deprivation, worries about the financial status of the family, changes to martial and work life are some factors which may accelerate the onset of Postpartum Depression symptoms in new parents.

Recent studies have revealed that fathers are likely to be affected by Postpartum Depression too, but most cases go undetected. Other than the factors aforementioned, fathers may experience other changes that increases the risk of suffering from Postpartum Depression. More often than not, fathers themselves are unable to discern if they had fallen victims to Postpartum Depression.

Generally, new parents display Postpartum Depression symptoms between the third and sixth months after the baby is born. However, fathers are less likely to suffer from the symptoms for the first three months after their spouse had given birth. Nonetheless, when either parent suffers from Postpartum Depression, it will certainly have an impact on the child.

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