Kids, please have an enjoyable childhood instead

by The Anti Depression Team on

Contrary to the popular belief that “Children are the happiest people on Earth”, they are actually most likely to become depressed. In addition to children in stressful situations like parental abuse or neglect, those aged 4 and below may become mildly depressed even when kept away from their parents for just a few days.

The onset of depression is prevalent among kids – 2.5 percent of young children regularly feel depressed for an extended period of time. Hence depressed kids are especially at risk of being under-detected and under-treated

Some depressed children may reveal their condition through typical symptoms like isolating themselves from company, declining academic standards and dejection. On the other hand, some children may also be overactive, quarrelsome or reckless instead of appearing depressed, which often causes adults to turn a blind eye to their behaviour.

Both sexes are equally likely to become depressed, but more girls actually become depressed than boys. Research has shown that children whose parents had been depressed before are more susceptible to serious depression below twenty. Painful experiences like the loss of loved ones or critical illness can induce children to become depressed quickly.

Depressed children who are younger stand a higher chance of speedy recovery- prepubertal children recover within two years but they might experience a relapse. Older children may remain depressed for an extended period of time.

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