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In order to mitigate the effects when parents succumb to Postpartum Depression, early detection and further research on Postpartum Depression are essential.

Just as doctors are concerned with the physical and mental health of the mothers prior to, during and after birth, doctors should too take note of the fathers’ mental health.

While doctors are more likely to pick up Postpartum Depression symptoms in mothers before or during pregnancy, there is still a possibility that mothers suffering from Postpartum Depression are not detected. As such, the danger of fathers not being detected for suffering from Postpartum Depression is even higher.

Doctors may hence have to even conduct a screening for the fathers, and provide aid to the couple. This enables parents to be in a better position to cope with a new addition to the family.

To complement the above screening for fathers, it is also imperative that further research is conducted. Being able to identify factors causing Postpartum Depression and finding ways to treat it, will further enhance the support and aid available for new parents.

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