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In a research conducted by Eastern Virginia Medical School, it was illustrated that 10% of the fathers involved, may suffer from Postpartum Depression. In addition, the risk of Postpartum Depression was also doubled in the male population.

The incidence of Postpartum Depression may also be triggered by cultural differences and varying government policies in different countries towards family planning. For instance, Postpartum Depression was found to be commonplace among American men as compared to their international counterparts.

What was lacking in this particular research was that there was no official tracking of clinical depression registered with the doctors. It was merely the recording of Postpartum Depression symptoms through interviews. This may hence overestimate the risk of Postpartum Depression.

While both parents may experience similar Postpartum Depression symptoms, the research could not come to a conclusive statement if one’s Postpartum Depression can cause their spouse to suffer from the same condition.

As the saying goes, “No smoke without fire”, since figures have shown that fathers are susceptible to Postpartum Depression, it is certainly a wake-up call for medical staff and parents that they will have to be more alert in looking out for signs of Postpartum Depression.

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