About Depression

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When one becomes depressed

Anyone can become depressed, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or nationality. In fact, depression is so prevalent that 20 percent of the world population is depressed. Deprived of happiness and unable to sleep or eat well, depressed individuals are susceptible to physical illnesses and death. Unlike moodiness, which is a temporary unpleasant emotion, being depressed is a total body illness.

Depressed individuals impose immense financial costs – running into billions of dollars – upon society each year. The depressed who do not receive assistance eventually succumb to their declining self-confidence and die, even though effective treatment is readily available.

Being depressed is not a modern phenomenon. Dating back to thousands of years ago, humans have already become victims of depression. As recorded in the Old Testament, King Saul and Hannah became depressed when they faced defeat and couldn’t conceive respectively

The chances of becoming depressed are increased in cases of hereditary predisposition or physical vulnerability to traumatic situations. Furthermore, women are two to three times more prone to becoming depressed than men. Even renowned and capable public personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln and Princess Diana were not spared – scores of people out there from diverse backgrounds are also depressed and enduring misery.

Essentially, to safeguard people from becoming depressed, we need to first comprehend the characteristics of depression.

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