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The most natural and risk-free way to say “good riddance” to depression would be increasing you self-happiness level. Below, we offer you tips on how to increase your happiness level. This is a follow up article on “Extracting the joy within you“.

Rather than wallowing in sadness, immersing yourself in optimism may be a good source of help for depression. An optimistic person is more likely to seek opportunities for himself and ascertain goals for his future. By taking into account your strengths, interests and potential, they help to shape the paths you could take, making yourself happier. Boosting your self-confidence can be done by keeping a straight body posture, sounding energetic and having more positive thoughts. Such positive emotions are help for depression, especially when they have the power to guide you to success.

Research have shown that people who have a distinction between work and personal responsibilities need less help for depression as compared to those mix work and personal lives together. While this may sound hard to materialise in the current society, being able to separate work and personal lives may enhance your happiness level, thus reducing the help for depression.

Take a break off your hectic schedule and learn to appreciate your heritage and culture. Having a stable sense of ethnic identity improves one’s happiness, mitigating the help for depression. It also enables one to understand differences among cultures.

Voicing your concerns to someone or a group of people may just be the help for depression too. This is because we will usually focus on the positive aspects of the issue, hence gradually reducing the impact that the negative aspects have on us. In addition, having the courage to share about the negative experiences enables the negative emotions felt to go away faster than if they had not being recalled at all. This is certainly a good help for depression.


Start engaging yourself in different activities and attempt novel things. Such engagement aids in mitigating negative emotions, reducing the help for depression. Research have shown that when the ratio of positive to negative activities reach 1 to 1, depression may set in, increasing the help for depression. However, when the ratio of positive to negative events is above 3 to 1 and below 11 to 1, it minimises the help for depression.

Lastly, earning more money than your peers may make you happier, hence reducing the help for depression too. In addition, saving the money for a rainy day also enhances your positive emotions which is a form of help for depression as well.