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Diabetes makes people depressive?

by The Anti Depression Team on

Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that both depression and diabetes conditions often links together. The 10-year study consists of 65,381 women ages from 50 to 75, and result
shows that depressive women are 17% higher risk in getting Type 2 diabetes and diabetes women are 29% more likely to become depressive. Moreover, the more depressive or serious diabetes
condition was, the more likely she would diagnose with the other illness.

Researchers explained that the bridge between both diseases is likely to be stress.

Depressive people are found to have high stress hormonal levels resulting in glucose and blood sugar metabolism problems, accumulation of stomach fat and stronger insulin resistance which
are diabetes risk factors. Unfavourable lifestyle habits are also found in depressive people such as unwilling to exercise and unhealthy diets, which are leaning towards diabetes.

Meanwhile, diabetes people have to monitor their illness by following rules to change their diet and lifestyle and regularly consuming prescribed medicines. These could easily make them feel
stress and more depressive.

Hence, it is suggested that doctors should consider the psychological aspects of diabetes patients, closely observing their blood sugar levels and any depressive signals.