Bright light therapy(BLT) is one of the treatments for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition commonly during winter. Light is found to deal with depression by reducing the effects.

Can BLT deal with depression of other types other than SAD?
A team of scientists in Amsterdam psychiatric institution conducted a study looking at elderly population, as elderly have poorer vision and seldom go out. After completion, more than half
of the patients had lesser symptoms. Given that Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is more serious, which can lead to suicide and take years to treat in hospitals. Thus, BLT deals with depression successfully to a certain extent and with little or no side effects.

How BLT benefits?
It is able to lower cortisol, known as ‘the stress hormone’. Moreover, it deals with depression by helping patients to sleep better and they woke up earlier and never stay in bed unlike depressed people.

It is unclear for the long-term extent of benefits in dealing with depression, since the study was only three weeks. Nevertheless, for just a while, even serious mental illness patients may feel happier on a sunny day at the beach.

About Seasonal Affective Depression

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There is still debate as to whether there is a unique seasonal mood disorder that gets worse with the seasonal changes as depressed individuals feel alone more and isolated.

This unique depressions classified as SAD have different times of occurances. A classic, easily relatable cycle, depressed individuals experience symptoms of depression regularly in the fall, close to major holidays like Thanksgiving and later on, Christmas, and intensifies in January and February, with Valentines’ day looming, getting better in the coming months.