Despite the merits of exercising, exercising as a treatment for depressive patients has its pitfalls too. While there are many research on exercising as a treatment for depressive symptoms, most of these research are considered small scale, run for a limited period of time and some have doubts cast on the way the research is performed. It is also unknown if anaerobic exercise will help in alleviating depressive symptoms.

There is no definite answer as to how much exercise and its duration are considered adequate to cure depressive patients. Similarly, the extent to which exercising is effective as a treatment for people with different levels of depressive symptoms is unknown.

Nonetheless, an appropriate amount of exercise is certainly deemed good for the body. Exercise does keep us healthy and prevents depressive symptoms from recurring. Earlier studies have shown that Americans who exercised had a lower probability of developing depressive thoughts at the present and in future as well. Thus, exercising to keep depressive emotions at bay is certainly worth a try!