I am terribly depressed after childbirth

by The Anti Depression Team on

We’ve all heard of postnatal depression. However, we must not readily assume that just because a woman is feeling different and goes through changes means that she is depressed.

A mild form of mood alteration, which is faced by 2 out of 3 women, is known as postpartum blues. Though the cause of it is not known, it is usually thought to be associated with hormonal changes, a rush of sudden responsibility or both. This starts between one to five days after delivery and lasts for a few weeks. This also does not require treatment, and is definitely not as severe as being depressed.

Women may feel severely depressed after the loss of their child, either through voluntary or spontaneous abortion. This form of depression, known as postpartum depression may also be developed as a result of an intensification of postpartum blues. Similar to postpartum blues, the causes of postpartum depression is not exactly known but the feeling of being depressed may arise from sudden hormonal changes or even a sense of loneliness and isolation.