Anti Depressant & Suicidal Thoughts

by The Anti Depression Team on

Being an inhibitor which works by limiting the amount of neurotransmitter re-absorbed by the brain, Escitalopram is a selective serotinin uptake inhibitor. Nortriptyline, also an antidepressant, not only inhibits the uptake of sertonin, it also inhibits the intake of norepinephrine and dopamine (neurotransmitters too).

In an experiment spreading over 12 weeks and involving people under the effects of anti depressant, it was shown that both drugs decreased suicidal thoughts, hence suppressing the effects of anti depressant.

However, those who took Nortriptyline displayed a higher amount of suicidal thoughts than those who took Escitalopram. There was a 9.8 times risk of developing suicidal thoughts for the first time, and for those who already had suicidal inclinations, the risk increased by 2.4 times. These statistics holds more truth for men under severe effects of anti depressant.

Why does this research seem to contradict studies that hypothesize antidepressants help in overcoming effects caused by depressant? Or why is it that the effects of antidepressants seem to be less of that for patients placed on placebo trials?

One main flaw of other studies simply involve patients suffering from severe consequences of depressant, and thereafter generalise the results to those who suffer milder depression.

That being said, we cannot simply dispel the opinion that antidepressants are useless. It just means there is more to do to help people suffering from effects of depressant.  For instance, doctors may need to venture into alternative treatments to battle the aftermath caused by depressant.

More importantly, current treatment guidelines may need to be modified. The notion that antidepressants cannot work effectively against depressant underscore the need for doctors to monitor patients’ conditions throughout the course of treatment. In the experiment aforementioned, suicidal thoughts were spread out over the course of 12 weeks, contrary to the belief that such thoughts only arise in the first few weeks of treatment.


Battling with depression is never an easy task. Prevention is always better than cure, so start staying free from depressant such as alcohol, and change your lifestyle to minimise the incidence of the aftermath of depressant striking you.