Anti Depressant Side Effects

by The Anti Depression Team on


In today’s pressure cooker environment, depression is increasingly becoming a trend in society. Effects of depressant such as alcohol and stress in life adds burden to one’s mental health. There are different severity of depression as defined by the American Psychiatric Association’s Handbook of Psychiatric Measures.

The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale rates patients with scores of 8-13 as having mild depression, 14-18 as moderate depression, 19-22 as severe depression and 23 or above as severe depression.

Antidepressants are often prescribed to counter the effects of depressant. Recent studies show that the effects of depressant are best countered for those suffering from severe depression. Conversely, the effects of depressant take its toll on those with minor depression, hence making depression cures less pronounced.

In fact, depressant may even invoke pessimism and increase suicidal thoughts in patients suffering from effects of depressant.

To understand how depressant and antidepressants perform their biological functions, we will first need to understand how certain drugs work.