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Welcoming happiness, Good riddance to Depression

by The Anti Depression Team on

Find joy and say goodbye to depression forever by increasing your happiness level through these tips!

While Heaven helps those who helps themselves, it may pay off for you to help somebody else too. Other than medication, other kinds of help for depression such as helping someone else and changing your lifestyle may also improve your condition.

Lending a helping hand to others when they need it may be some help for depression. Even small acts brighten up other people’s day, and when they respond nicely accordingly, it brightens up your day too, serving as an effective help for depression. Performing a kind act for another person five times daily will certainly increase the happiness level of the doer, minimising the help for depression.

Never belittle the power of hormones in your body. Endorphins, oxytocin and melatonin have the power of inducing happiness and calming us down, mitigating the help for depression. Put some time aside to exercise and release those endorphins in your body. It is debatable as to whether the release of endorphins or the sense of satisfaction gained by overcoming a physical challenge cause happiness, but as long as it keeps you healthy and minimises the help for depression, this measure is certainly worth a try!

If you find exercising a boredom, perhaps you could throw in that favourite playlist of yours as you exercise. Listening to music releases endorphines and melatonin as well. This is a form of help for depression as well, since it calms us down. This claim is supported by studies which showed that patients who listened to music while undergoing surgery had lower heart rates.

You could always get a group of close friends and exercise together. Thereafter, having a get together session and having good laughs over jokes or movies will certainly be a help for depression patients. Laughing mitigates the stress level and enhances your immune system. It also aids in social bonding.


Help for depression patients may also come in the form of spiritual support. Studies have indicated that people with religious beliefs are happier than those who do not have any religions. Religions provide social support, a sense of purpose and enables one to think for others as well. Being more outgoing in helping the needy may be a help for depression patients. In addition, meditation also aids in minimising stress, hence also serving as a help for depression patients.
Writng exercises are increasingly seen as a potential help for depression patients. Perhaps it is now time for you to start writing down five things which makes you grateful every week. Learning to express your gratitude for someone else could be a good form of help for depression, since it could make you feel happier after writing your concerns down.